Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews - Mobile Spy is the Best Choice?

Mobile Spy is one of the top rated and popular monitoring software which is compatible with all smartphones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.  As the name says, it is a spy/monitoring software which should be installed in the target phone. Once installed, mobile spy software will start functioning in the stealth mode and it will start collecting all the information which can will be uploaded to the mobile spy website through the mobile phone's data connection and it can be viewed online anytime. It is a relatively new piece of technological advancement introduced by a Company called Retina X Studios. Retina X Studios is a BBB accredited company. Mobile Spy is the first commercial spyware for iPhones.  It has also attained a fair bit of popularity and offered relief to concerned parents/spouse since its inception. Despite being positioned against healthy competition, Mobile Spy outnumber rival products with a huge market share because of its rich features which is not available in many other products.

Who can use Mobile Spy?

The best advantage of installing the Mobile Spy is that you can monitor your spouse, kids, and employees without their knowledge. As it functions in the stealth mode, the mobile user cannot detect the presence of such spyware. The software neither leaves any installation trail nor any trace during its functioning. It silently records all the data and discretely transfers them to the user account in real time, enabling you to have a constant monitoring. It is also highly beneficial to parents, to monitor their notorious teens.

Working of the software

Once the software is installed on the target device, it silently records activities such as text messages and call details along with GPS locations every few minutes.

You don't need to stay near the mobile phone to see the activity. Once the software is installed, the activities are transmitted to a private user account in the mobile spy servers which can be accessed using any computer with an internet connection. The below image will help you understand how the process takes place.

What can be Recorded?

  • Text messages along with sender/receivers details
  • Call details with time 
  • Websites visited 
  • Social media conversations 
  • GPS locations 
  • Emails 
  • Photos and videos captured
  • Full Contact list
  • Tasks and memos 
  • Calendar events 
  • Control the target phone in real time using remote commands 
  • Lock or unlock the phone remotely

Mobile Spy Compatibility Checker

Are you not sure about the compatibility of Mobile Spy with your phone? Use the below link to check for compatibility.

Mobile Spy Compatibility Checker.

Features of Mobile Spy

Some of the features in Mobile Spy are discussed briefly here.

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking feature of Mobile Spy helps you to easily track the exact location of your family or employees. Even if the GPS feature is turned off in the mobile, you can still track the device with the help of the nearest mobile tower location. This tracking feature is very helpful to trace your missing child or monitor your teen for skipping classes or track your sales staff for shirking work by not travelling to the assigned location. The GPS locations are updated every few minutes to help you track their activities in real time.

LIVE access 

Mobile Spy sets apart from other spyware by offering the LIVE Control Panel which will enable you to view the phone screen, thereby allowing high end surveillance. A map of the phone’s current location as well as the last five recorded locations will also be provided. The live control panel also enables the user to receive all the logs mailed to his mail account.

Further, the LIVE Control Panel enables the users to remotely lock or unlock the target device. It also helps in retrieving the phone information instantly like SIM information and the current GPS spots. The latest Mobile Spy version 5.0 offers the new feature of sending an email notification of all the recorded logs to your email account as well as the online user account. This enables you to receive instant updates and avoids you waiting to get the updates in your online account.

Call monitoring

Are you worried about the increased mobile bills? Is your kid spending lots of time chatting over the phone? Your answers to all such queries are available by reviewing the call log maintained by the monitoring software. A detailed log is maintained keeping track of all incoming and outgoing calls along with their time and duration. By reviewing the call log, you can know if your employees were making personal calls or your kid is on the phone without studying.

Monitors SMS text messages

If you keenly observe a kid with a phone, you can see that he is texting messages at an amazing speed. Texting is such a favorite pass time activity and it is their preferred mode of communication. The worrisome aspect for parents is being unaware of the text content of their kids. Sexting and using abusive language in SMS is rampant among kids and lead them to unwanted trouble. By installing Mobile Spy, a text log is maintained allowing the parent to read the full texts, despite the kid deleting the same.

Logging Internet history 

Browsing for educational and entertainment purposes has found favor with both kids as well as teens. They get access to adult websites and prohibited websites willingly or unknowingly. They watch pornography or download pirated software. But they erase their internet history. Similarly, employees access their personal mail accounts or chat on entertainment sites during work hours. You can view their internet history and contents by reviewing the browser log which maintains a detailed history of all internet activities, despite being deleted.

Application Blocking

Employees accessing websites for personal purposes lessen their productive work time. By blocking access to such applications, you can prevent wastage of time and resources. Kids accessing social networking sites have resulted in their becoming victims of cyber abuse like cyber bullying and virtual abuse. By blocking their access to such sites, they can be protected from abuse.

Remote locking

Suppose your phone gets stolen, the next step would be to prevent anybody from gaining unauthorized access to your phone. You can remotely lock your stolen phone through SMS commands. You can also remotely wipe out the data on your phone, if you fear that such may be misused in the event of theft.

Installation of Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is endowed with many useful features which will help you to know the truth. The installation of Mobile Spy is a very easy process.

  • Register to create your username and password and download the software through a web browser ( The user manual provides step by step instructions to help you install the software)
  • Adjust your phone settings
  • Log in to your user account for review

The entire procedure will take not more than 15 minutes. The only prerequisite for installing the software is the physical access of the smartphone on which you desire to install the spy software. Post installation, you never again need to physically gain access to the target phone .You can remotely access your user account anywhere, at any time. Mobile Spy software applications function amazingly well on Android, Symbian and Windows application based smartphones. They also support Blackberry and iPhones for that matter.

Technical Support

Apart from the above features, Mobile Spy offers a host of other beneficial features. The customer support is excellent and can be accessed 24x7 via phone, email and LIVE chat. Mobile Spy can be described as a high end surveillance tool which can help you to effectively monitor the target phones and help you learn the truth.

Mobile Spy offers a free online demo to understand how it works. Click the below button to start the demo.


Mobile Spy software application is priced at $49.97 for basic versions, which stretches up to a 3 month period. The advanced version retails for around $99.97, which comes with a 1 year membership. From a personal perspective, $49.97 & $99.97 aren’t expensive considering today’s standard of living. As an intermediate plan, you can also purchase a license for 6 months which costs $69.97. From a more realistic point of view, think about the benefits it would offer a parent by monitoring their children’s cell phones and saving them from further exploits.

  • You can monitor three devices under one license
  • Get a free SniperSpy software while purchasing a 12 month license

Mobile Spy Alternatives

Even though Mobile Spy is the best and cheapest software, some of you may like to know the alternatives of Mobile spy.  Here are few other good alternatives.

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