My Mobile Watchdog Review

Parents are worried about the mobile activities of their kids. Some emerging threats from the cyber world are targeted at kids. To thwart such attempts and protect your kids, you need some sort of monitoring software. My Mobile Watchdog is a top rated parental control software that enables you to monitor your kid’s activities. It is practically impossible and infeasible to watch your kid’s activities minute by minute. By installing the My Mobile Watchdog on your kid’s mobile they can be monitored 24x7. This parental control software is endorsed by the law enforcement agencies and is also used by the Homeland Security as well as the FBI.

Installation Procedure

Almost all monitoring features that are found in mobile monitoring software are available in My Mobile Watchdog. The standout feature in My Mobile Watchdog is that it is installed with the kid’s knowledge. They are assured that they are safe when out of their parent’s watchful eyes. The presence of the software offers peace to worried parents and acts as a moral policing on the kids, preventing them from indulging in any wrongdoing.

The installation is an easy and simple procedure. You need to download the app from its website and launch it physically on your kid’s mobile. The user manual provided with the app software details the step by step process of installation. Once installed, the software will go about its way of recording all information. The versatility of this app software is its compatibility with most smartphones currently available in the market. You can install the My Mobile Watchdog and be rest assured that your kid is safe. The name is very apt to its functioning.

Features of Mobile Watchdog

  • My Mobile Watchdog records all incoming and outgoing calls and maintains a call log detailing the numbers, time and duration. This will enable you to know if your kid is spending long hours chatting on the phone or is using his mobile phone during class hours. You can also specify certain numbers in the prohibited category and if your kid receives or calls such numbers, an alert immediately sounds to you.
  • Are you worried that your kid is using abusive text language or indulging in sexting. A record of all incoming and outgoing texts is maintained enabling you to know if your kid is involved in such activities. By reviewing such texts, you can explain to your kid that such wrongdoings need to be corrected.
  • Browsing the internet is where kids and teens are spending a lot of time these days. The unlimited access to internet at homes has extended an open invitation to kids to access all websites when parents are away. This is the time they visit prohibited websites or watch age inappropriate content. By reviewing the internet log, you can know their internet activities and block access to specific applications and websites to ensure that kids are not exposed to the wrong stuff.

To sum up, My Mobile Watchdog maintains a log of all calls, texts, contacts and all images captured or received by the smartphone. Installing the same would protect your kids from the emerging mobile and internet threats.