Effective Ways to Monitor Your Child's Cell Phone Activities

Giving your kids a cell phone is undoubtedly useful so that they can make good use of it during emergency. However, nowadays, the usage of cell phones by kids has taken an unnerving leap, which has threatened the aspect of safety. Unfortunately, a creepy new trend has been popping up, wherein the kids and teens see and send nude or semi-nude MMSs via cell phones. Similarly, the cases of talking with strange people who try to lure kids by different means are also evident. Such misuse of cell phones can result in declaring a kid a criminal for the rest of their lives in case she/he is caught with an offensive photo, text, or video on the cell phone. This means, it becomes very necessary for the parents to monitor their child’s cell phones. So, here are some effective ways to do so.

Know your kid’s cell phone technology 

As a first step, you need to know and learn about the technology that used in the cell phone of your kids. For example, it can be Android, Symbian, Blackberry, or iOS; which are actually the basic platforms on which the various mobile facilities work but in a different manner. Do not worry; you need not have to be an expert of these platforms. What you actually have to know is how facilities work on these different platforms. So, be familiar with how to see the phone book, Internet history, sent messages, recently dialed numbers, and e-mails. If you know this, you can easily make out whether your kid in making a good use of the phone or not.

Prefer using an online method or software to track the usage

Nowadays, many mobile phone tracking software are available in the market. One such reliable software is My Mobile Watchdog, an app that you need to install on your child’s cell phone. Once done, you can track the usage online on its Web site wherein you can see a listing of all activities, view all MMS/SMS/phone calls, know where your kid is, change the permissions, and block access to Internet and mobile apps. In addition, expect alerts for messages and calls from a specific number that you suspect and reports. Some more mobile tracking apps to consider are PhoneSheriff, TextGuard, and iWonder Surf.

Start speaking frankly but nicely with your kids

It is high time for the parents to start communicating honestly with the kids. This means that you must make your kids understand about the risks of misusing the cell phone. Also, there is a need to explain them politely to avoid speaking or chatting with the strangers, for they are the ones to take the undue advantage later. Try explaining 2 to 3 times and set rules for the mobile usage. As a tip, you too should stick to the rules so that it becomes easy for them to follow you. Let your kid trust you first and then you establish that trust for her/him. But if the kids do not heed you after so many trials, do not hesitate in setting clear punishments for them.

Consider giving a basic phone

Any phone with too many communication features simply increases the risk. Therefore, it is good to gift a cell phone that only allows for making calls on pre-programmed numbers.

In this way, you can protect your kids from the unwanted dangers in the mobile world!

Apps That Boost Productivity In Small Businesses

Running small businesses is one of the most challenging endeavors these days. Tough competition, marketing standards, loyalty of employees and maintaining a fine balance – everything is questionable. Even though it is a small company, it would be very difficult to maintain a perfect balance of business operations and employees, as you cannot keep your eyes on everything. There are certain apps that can do these jobs for you efficiently- track your employees, promote the business and boost productivity.

When you are into a business, you expect least problems and wastage of valuable time. Fortunately, there are different types of mobile apps available these days for smartphones that can help in simplifying your day-to-day operations.

Following are some of the top apps that can help in boosting your business productivity

#1: LogMeIn

LogMeIn is one of the most efficient solutions to all your business needs. You can access your PC or Mac content from an iPad or iPhone. It is one of the greatest apps to monitor your business when you are traveling. You can pull up all the important files remotely. You can even run this on any PC application from a mobile device.

#2: Total Recall

As the name suggests, Total Recall allows you to manually or automatically record calls, meetings or lectures, or even leave an Audio Note. This app can work efficiently with Android devices. It also syncs with the latest Evernote. You can follow some important lectures or business events remotely using this app.

#3: Easy Sign

Signatures are important for any business. What would you do if you are needed to sign an important document, but you cannot make it to the office? Use EasySign. It is a simple application that eliminates the use of paper documents. Just using a stylus or your finger, you can sign PDF files, Word documents, JPEGs and other documents on your Android device, iPad or iPhone.

#4: LucyPhone

Waiting for customer service operators to attend your call can be tiresome. When customers call you for their requirement, it is absolutely disturbing to keep them on hold. It hampers businesses, and more so if it happens again and again. LucyPhone is one of the most convenient solutions to all these problems. You can search through list of customer service contact +numbers through LucyPhone’s guide, and they will help you in patching through. If you are kept on hold, you will be disconnected and called back when the customer service operators are free.

#5: Pocket

Businesses have a lot of private information to store. You can now securely store all your sensitive information related to the business on your Adroid mobile phone with Pocket app. This app allows you to store bank information, locker combination, passwords, prescriptions and other important details. The stored information can only be accessed through a master password, which is not available locally if your phone goes into wrong hands.

#6: Mobile Spy

A business, big or small, has a certain number of employees. You can now track any suspicious character using the Mobile Spy application. If you are suspecting a foul play, give a new phone to the suspected employee with Mobile Spy installed in it; you will get all the information about your employee’s phone activities through this app.

Advantage Of Mobile Spy Technology On Smartphones

Smartphone is a gadget that helps you to stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues, no matter where you are. This modern gadget makes your businesses more functional and efficient through its wide array of features. There is no wonder that the smartphones have become one of the basic necessities that accomplish not only professional, but personal needs as well. Whether you need to get in touch with someone, or need to organize a video conference instantly, a smartphone performs all the assigned tasks excellently.

Benefits of Mobile Spy Technology on Smartphones

Though smartphones have the ability to provide endless benefits, they are also capable of being used inappropriately. Most users take undue advantage of smartphones like threatening people through text messages, sending obscene videos, or accessing information of the crucial data on your phone. The best way to avoid smartphones from being misused is to make use of mobile spy technology. This technology helps you to accumulate evidences against fraud, lies, infidelity, cyber bullying, and so on. The biggest advantage mobile spy technology has over smartphones is its ability to monitor the phones efficiently. The following paragraphs give you an idea on how beneficial the technology can be on smartphones.

  • Text Messages & Phone Calls: With the help of this technology, you can now monitor all phone calls and text messages through certain monitoring applications. The application allows you to view activities related to images, and videos stored in smartphones. This feature can be a boon to parents as they can ensure that their kids don’t go out of track.
  • Web Usage: The application designed through mobile spy technology provides the opportunity to monitor the web related activities of the target smartphone. The activities can be inspected on the web account anytime. For instance, business owners can check if employees waste time towards surfing personal sites, when they are actually supposed to work. 
  • Physical Location: The GPS capabilities used in mobile monitoring application aids to track the target phone’s location. The location details are forwarded to your web account so that you can keep a tab on where the user has been. This feature is way too helpful to deal with situations such as locating your missing child or a stolen phone. 

How Does Mobile Spying Applications Work on Smartphones?

Mobile Spy technology stands out in the mobile industry due to its superior features. The application designed through this technology meets most of your requirements of tracking the usage of smartphones. There are several applications such as Mobile Spy, Flexispy, Spy Bubble, and Mobistealth that you can purchase through internet. Once you purchase the specific software of your choice, download and install the same onto the target phone. In order to monitor smartphones, you need to ensure that it is owned by you, or it would be considered illegal, and you may end up paying a heavy price for violating the rules. So the best way to monitor someone is by installing the software in a smartphone, and gifting it to them. This way, your monitoring program becomes legal.

To conclude, mobile monitoring application is a program that operates in a secretive way, and transmits the data and activities of smartphones owned by you. The data can be accessed from any device such as computers, laptops, or smartphones through web connectivity.

Access and Lock Data in Your Lost Android Mobile Using Mobile Monitoring Apps

Android phones have been considered as the most preferred mobile devices across the world. This is precisely the reason why the demand for Android phones has shot up to heights. With the rise in demand for Android phones, comes the need to secure them. If you are an Android user, you need to make sure that you protect the phone as well as the data saved in it. If you are looking for a tool that protects your Android device, then mobile monitoring application is the best choice you can make.

Mobile monitoring app is being utilized by several people for distinct reasons. Some may use it to monitor their kids, check on their spouses, while others may use it to monitor employees. In addition, the app can also be used to track your stolen phones through the GPS capabilities possessed by the monitoring apps. The cell phone spy app has several features that fulfill the requirements, or specifications of most users. If you have lost your phone, then the monitoring app will certainly help you retrieve your device back, and also will secure your data stored on it.

Safety Features of Mobile Monitoring Apps

  • Locks the Device: This is one of the most useful features offered by mobile monitoring apps, which help you lock your lost device remotely. The advantage of locking the phone is that the thief will not be able to access your phone. Consequently, the data stored in your phone cannot be misused by anyone either. The monitoring app locks the device by sending an SMS command through the online account of the respective application.
  • Block URLs and Apps: You may have saved a whole lot of data in your to-do list and memos, and if you want to prevent the data from being leaked or falling into wrong hands, then the mobile monitoring application acts like a savior by blocking those applications. In addition to applications, the app has the ability to also block the websites browsed by you. The websites can be related to financial trading, and so on. Therefore, by blocking those sites, thieves will not gain access to any of your financial transactions. 
  • Wipe all the data: This is yet another smart way of preventing the thief from tampering the data stored on your Android device. The application allows users to delete data stored on your lost phone even before the thief makes an attempt to access it. The user needs to send a notification via SMS through the online account to a predefined number, and the data gets wiped from the phone. But, before the wiping procedure takes place, the app creates a backup of all data so that the device owner can access it anytime by logging into the account. 

To conclude, there are numerous mobile monitoring apps that possess these features mentioned above. If you are keen to purchase the monitoring app, then you can consider Mobile Spy, Mobistealth, Flexispy, or Spy Bubble. These applications have best of features that would be of help to obtain your lost phone and data.

5 Best Android Anti Theft Tracking Applications

With the advancement in the technology, there has been an increase in the smartphones usage. Specifically, many people are choosing Android based phones because of their advanced and user-friendly features. You may use it for storing important business files or it simply holds your loved ones’ photos. What if you misplace it somewhere, do you need to suffer the loss?

There may be a case where you unknowingly drop your Android phone or forget it in a restaurant, or someone has stolen it. Luckily there are some anti theft Android apps which can help you restore your lost phone, here in this article you will learn about the best 5 anti-theft tracking applications that can help you track the stolen or misplaced Android phones.

1. Anti Theft Droid 

This is a free anti theft app for Android phones which helps you track your stolen or lost Android phone. Anti Theft Droid uses the built-in tracking feature of your smartphone to locate it through an internet connection and a browser. Once you install this application on to your phone, you can login into your authorized account at its official website to track the device.

  • Sends email alerts whenever the SIM is changed in the phone, and you will receive the actual phone number of the person who has found/stolen your phone. 
  • It allows online location tracking of Android phone through Cell Tower IDs and GPS
  • Spy Camera: With this feature, you can view the photos taken from your lost Android phone. 


2. Snuko – Anroid Anti Theft Security

Snuko is another best Android Anti Theft application that can help you track your phone and secure its data. It locates the stolen or misplaced Android device with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell Tower triangulation. Snuko activates the Lock Down mode in the device once the mobile is found stolen or lost.


  • Track the device location 
  • Encrypts and hides the data
  • Take data backup – Call logs, SMS logs, contacts list and so on.
  • Control the device remotely through SMS commands
  • SIM change notification – get to know whenever the SIM is changed 
  • Online Control Panel – where you can view all the logs and control your device remotely


3. Sprint - Total Equipment Protection App

This Android phone tracking app helps you to find the lost phone and to secure the stored data till the device is recovered. This app from Sprint is available for free for its Total Equipment Protection App users. You can retrieve all the data from your phone in case it is lost or simply not working!


  • Lock the device remotely 
  • Locate your phone on a Map at Sprint’s official website and trigger an alarm – this alarm will work even the phone is turned off, thus helping you to find it quickly. 
  • Wipe the data from the device in case you fail to recover the phone.
  • Manage, Backup and Restore the contacts from the device.

4. Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti Theft is a comprehensive anti theft app for Android phones. The best thing about this app is, it can be used on multiple devices, i.e., up to 5 devices with a single Cerberus account. You can control your lost Android phone with the help of this app either through its official website or through SMS commands.


  • Track the device location
  • Lock the device 
  • Record and listen to the surrounding sounds with the help of your phone’s microphone
  • Wipe the data from the device – both internal and external memory
  • Trigger an alarm that works even when the phone is set to silent mode
  • SIM change notification


5. Lost Droid 

Lost Droid is another excellent Android anti theft app which comes for as little as $0.99 as a promotional price. It helps you locate your Android phone and lock it remotely. You can retrieve all the data from the lost device.


  • Stealth mode available, hence you can hide it from the icons list
  • Password protection
  • Lock the device through SMS command 
  • SIM change notification
  • Automatic location updates


Thus, you no more need to worry about the lost Android phones as these Android anti theft apps not only help you locate and track your Android phone, but also helps you secure the confidential/important data from the phone and take the backup of the same!

SniperSpy Review

If you are on the lookout for means of tracking your teen’s internet activities, Sniper Spy is the right tool for you. It is a remote PC monitoring spyware that installs remotely on the target PC. From wherever you are you can install this monitoring software in the form of an email attachment. You can use the same to monitor the computer activities of your employees despite being far away from them. Sniper Spy can be described as high tech surveillance software that provides you with details of your teens’ or employees’ online activity in real time.

How you can install Sniper Spy?

The standout feature of Sniper Spy is that it can be installed remotely through an email. Post subscribing to Sniper Spy, you need to download the Module Creator to create the remote module. This remote module is to be sent as an unassuming email attachment. The spyware launches onto the remote PC, when the mail attachment is opened. It operates stealthily and neither your kid nor employee can detect its presence. Once installed, it records and uploads all the internet activity for review through an online control panel. The capability of Sniper Spy to slip past any firewall makes it an obvious choice for monitoring. The Sniper Spy is a great boon to parents and employers to enable monitoring in real time with remote access. Just as it can be remotely installed, it can also be uninstalled without leaving any trace to confirm spying.

Features of Sniper Spy

The features in Sniper Spy are designed to provide you with full information regarding the activities carried out on the remote PC. These features enable monitoring stealthily and in real time. Being far away, you can verify the internet activities of your kids at home and restrict their internet usage.

  • Record of websites visited
  • Viewing actual screenshots through the online control panel
  • Location tracking of your PC
  • Keystroke logger
  • Automatic user file uploads
  • File and folder transfers
  • Full record of chat conversations
  • Applications downloaded with duration of usage

LIVE monitoring features

The availability of the Live Control Panel permits you to remotely control the PC and also view the PC activities in live. You can remotely view in live the happening programs on the remote PC, view the keystrokes in real time, watch in live the PC screen and remotely launch any application on the PC. You can also shut off or reboot the PC remotely. Thus, Sniper Spy allows you to have real time surveillance on the PC. Sniper Spy is the only available remote monitoring software that offers HTTPS secured control panel

This product comes from Retina –X Studios, who have been credited with many such monitoring products. The customer reviews have rated it as top owing to its unique features of remote monitoring. The customer support is efficient and can be reached over phone, mail or live chats. With the increasing internet usage by teens, it is imperative on the part of parents to ensure that they are well informed about their online activities. This monitoring can be done by installing the Sniper Spy.

SpyBubble Review

There are times when you have the necessity to monitor an individual’s activities. To take some random instances, you might suspect your life partner or your child or a team member of doing something untoward. Mobile spy applications like SpyBubble can come to your rescue in such situations.

SpyBubble is an app that allows you to observe any kind of smartphone or Blackberry, in real time by logging in from a computer. You install this spy app on the mobile which you have given to one of the members in your family or an employee in your firm. Now you can easily track what is going on with the device right through your computer. You will have a SpyBubble account from which you can carry out your monitoring.

Basic tracking options

  • Call tracking – you can see the entire call log like number called, time, duration, incoming/ outgoing and so on.
  • SMS tracking – you can read every text message exchanged including the deleted ones
  • Location tracking with GPS – you are able to see the precise position of the phone through Google maps and learn where the mobile user is at any point in time
  • Email tracking – you can examine all the emails sent or received using the mobile
  • URLs tracking – you find out the websites visited by using the phone
  • Phone book viewing – you get to see all the phone numbers and contact details in the mobile memory
  • Photos viewing – you can view all photos sent/ received

Advanced SpyBubble options

When you feel that intense monitoring is needed, you can go in for the advanced options from SpyBubble.

These include:

  • Call Listening – you can eavesdrop on phone conversations and learn what is going on instantly. In other words, you can find out the truth as it happens.

  • Environment Listening – you can overhear what is happening in the phone’s vicinity in real time. You can get to know about the whereabouts of the person you are monitoring and learn more about what he is up to.

SpyBubble – more details

  • SpyBubble stays as a background process and gathers the information from the mobile on which it has been installed. The app remains completely hidden in the target mobile.
  • To install SpyBubble you will need to get the target mobile on hand at least for a few minutes. The mobile should be internet enabled so that you can download SpyBubble on it. 
  • You have to register a user account on the app server. SpyBubble then passes the information it collects to your account where you can access it by signing in at any time via a web browser. The installation procedure for SpyBubble differs slightly from phone to phone. 
  • The SpyBubble software works on many popular phone models and the app is updated regularly to meet newer smartphone needs. Whenever there are new updates and you have a subscription, you are entitled to the updates for free.
  • SpyBubble is legal if you own the phone being monitored or if you have the authorization to install it. 
  • There is online tech support for SpyBubble users. Customers are given a 60 day money back guarantee with SpyBubble. 

PhoneSheriff Review

Children sometimes tend to misuse their mobile phone privileges. To prevent undesirable usage, parents can seek aid from spy software like PhoneSheriff. PhoneSheriff lets you monitor your child’s mobile activity and prevent or filter specific actions. You can also create your own schedule for permitted phone usage. 

Once you install the password protected PhoneSheriff app on the target mobile, it quietly blocks all the activities you have specified. It also uploads the log of every single action your kid performs to the app server. You can view the mobile logs on your app server account through an online control panel.

PhoneSheriff can also be used to spy on anyone who is acting suspicious like a spouse or a dishonest employee.

Blocking, filtering and monitoring features of PhoneSheriff

Below is a consolidated list of things you can accomplish with PhoneSheriff installed on a target cell phone:

  • Block calls and SMSs, both incoming and outgoing to specific phone numbers
  • Block websites and applications
  • Block phone functions like camera
  • Disable any browser
  • Create time restrictions; disallow calls at specific times or prevent usage at certain times
  • Get to see every SMS and call information
  • Track GPS location of the mobile every thirty minutes or get the instant GPS location
  • Lock or unlock the device remotely
  • Get alerts through SMS in case of SIM card change
  • View SMS and call information in real time, if required
  • Receive SMS keyword alerts. When your kid gets an SMS with words like “drugs” you get immediate alerts
  • Find out every website visited by your child
  • View photos and videos shot with and stored on the phone
  • See all the contacts stored in the address book
  • Get hold of deleted data
  • Wipe out all data through an SMS in case the mobile is lost or stolen

How to get PhoneSheriff up and running

Installing PhoneSheriff takes very little time and using it is very simple.

  • You buy the PhoneSheriff version compatible with your child’s mobile phone. Install the software on the device and configure the app to fit your specific needs.
  • Your kid uses the phone as usual. PhoneSheriff begins to block and filter the actions you have mentioned. It also transmits details of all the mobile actions to your PhoneSheriff account.
  • You log into the online account, from anywhere via a web browser and view the recorded mobile activities as often as you wish.

What is included with PhoneSheriff purchase?

PhoneSheriff is a top quality spy software app with advanced features that let you monitor any mobile phone minutely. You are also assured of friendly service and support.

For the period of your subscription, you get:

  • Instant download options - you can download the spy app instantly after ordering and ask for new downloads anytime.
  • Step by Step Instructions – for every step from installation to usage
  • Customized username – you can create an account with your username and password
  • Phone support and online tech support  
  • Free updates – get free PhoneSheriff updates when they occur

And needless to say you gain peace of mind knowing that your child is under your supervision always.

Mobistealth Reviews - Worth The Price?

The technological advancements have come in with their share of woes. The advent of mobile telecommunication has shrunk the world and has made it possible for us to keep in touch with our loved ones at all times. The bane of such technology is that it is being misused to harm our personal and business interests. If you are looking for software that helps you to monitor the mobile activities of your kids or spouse or employees, you can do so with the help of mobile monitoring software.

Mobistealth has come out with both mobile phone monitoring and computer monitoring applications. Once installed on the target device, all the device activities are recorded at source equipping you with a means to have control over your family as well as employees.

How To Install Mobistealth?

Akin to installing any other software, Mobistealth can be downloaded from its home website.  After downloading the application from the website, it can be launched on the target mobile device, you wish to spy on.  The only pre- requisite is that you need to have physical access of the mobile phone on which you wish to install Mobistealth. The software would launch itself and restarting the phone would complete the installation process.  The application would occupy as little as 1 MB of your phone memory. The spying operations would commence immediately after installation without any delay.

Once installed, you can sit back and let the software do the job for you.

Mobistealth Features

The wide range of features present in the monitoring software Mobistealth enables you to track the details of every single mobile activity, thus helping you to closely monitor the activities of your kids and spouse and protect them from any imminent danger.
  • Records all the calls for later playback. All calls are recorded at source. Hence the intentional deletion will not hamper the recording.
  • Records the call details of every call made or received from the mobile phone including the time of the call, the number from which the calls were made or received and the duration of each call.
  • Logs the videos found on the cell phone and allow the user view each one of them. 
  • Sends all the incoming and outgoing SMSs to a user account including the detailed  text
  • Transmits URL history to user account. Even if the browsing history has been deleted, the user can access all the websites that have been visited. This is made possible by source recording.
  • Enables to block certain websites and applications. You can thus prevent your kids from accessing prohibited websites. You can also prevent the downloads of pirated software.
  • Sends the pictures being exchanged through the mobile phone. A record of the same will help you gather evidence if your teen had been a victim of sexual abuse.
  • Reports the mobile location. User can choose live location tracking or view the location history. The GPS tracking device helps to track the exact location of the target phone.
  • Sends all the phone contact information to a user account.
  • Records phone’s surrounding sounds. Users can later listen to any recorded conversations by logging into their respective accounts.
  • Allows live listening to the mobile surroundings. It lets the users to remotely activate the mobile’s microphone and eavesdrop on the conversations.
  • Sends an alert whenever a SIM change is effected in the target mobile
  • Allows remote locking of the mobile phone in the event of theft
  • Allows users to wipe out cell phone data. This feature is of great help to protect the confidentiality of your personal and business data, in case the phone is lost or stolen.
  • The Reverse phone look up is a unique feature of Mobistealth. This feature enables you to track any landline or mobile number from its name.
How To Access The Recorded Information

At the time of purchasing the monitoring software, the user is provided with a secure private account. By logging in to the user account from any remote location, all the recorded logs can be viewed. Since it is a password protected account, only the person who has subscribed to the services of the monitoring software can access the account.

Mobistealth Advantages

Mobistealth operates in stealth mode which is the biggest advantage for the users.The operation in the stealth mode enables you to secretly monitor the activities of the target phone. The ability of the software to remain hidden and offer a discreet means of transfer of data to the user account make your spying activity undetectable. Likewise, the software is easy to install and use by even a layman. The user friendly interface guides you through the procedure.

Constant monitoring is made possible with the software. The software enables 24*7 surveillance so as to record every single activity. You can view the entire mobile data using your personal Mobistealth account and gain total insight into the person’s actions and whereabouts. Another advantage is the pricing structure.  Prices of the various plans are affordable with the flexibility of choosing the plan depending on the monitoring needs of the user. The 10 day money back guarantee helps to unsubscribe if your needs are not met by the monitoring software.

Who can use Mobistealth?

Mobistealth acts as a surveillance tool and hence anybody who wants to know the "TRUTH" can make use of Mobistealth.

If you suspect your spouse of infidelity and want to gain concrete evidence of their extra marital affairs, you can make use of this monitoring software to spy on the cheating spouse’s mobile activities.

Many parents use Mobistealth to monitor their kids’ activities. The spy app helps them to track what their children do all day long. In case of teens, who resent any form of monitoring, Mobistealth remains hidden and enables the parents to keep a close watch on them. If at all there arises any situation that might endanger their kid’s safety, the timely warnings help them to protect their kids from any harm.

Employers find that monitored employees exhibit better productivity and performance. When an employee is aware that his phone is under scrutiny, he is naturally more careful about what he does during office hours.

To sum up, Mobistealth offers a comprehensive monitoring solution and conforms to the requirements of good spying software. Its effective tracking and security features combined with an excellent customer support have made it as top ranked monitoring software.

Flexispy Reviews

Mobile phones of today serve as a great source of communication by all means. Consequently mobiles are store houses of a great deal of information about the instrument owners. If you can get a sneak peek into someone’s mobile data, it is as good as gaining a good look at the events and activities in his or her life. To help you monitor cell phone data and activity, there are spy applications like the Flexispy.

Flexispy is an application which you can install on a mobile phone. It quietly records the cell phone’s events and transmits the information to a server account. You can view these reports 24/7 from a computer or from a mobile with internet access.

Flexispy has many attractive features and can be effectively used in any situation that calls for secret observation of mobile phones. The target being monitored is absolutely unaware of the Flexispy scrutiny as the spy app lays buried in the background, totally concealed.
Here is a review of Flexispy and a look at some of its useful features:

Flexispy features

The mobile monitoring application Flexispy lets users to:

  • Secretly overhear phone calls 
  • Bug the target mobile’s vicinity
  • Track the suspect’s physical location
  • View the SMSs exchanged through the mobile
  • Check the complete call logs 
  • Get contacts from address book, emails, SMSs, calls
  • Secretly read emails
  • Read chat messages like Black Berry Messenger messages
  • View WhatsApp messages
  • Track mobile phone location using cell ID when GPS is not enabled
  • Learn immediately about SIM card changes
  • Monitor children, employees, spouses and any suspects

  • Installing and using Flexispy

    You choose a Flexispy plan suitable to your needs and purchase the licence. Next you install Flexispy on the target mobile and activate the app licence. Subsequent to this, the spy begins to capture all the mobile related data. It sends the collected information periodically to your secure account on the app server. You can view the data from anywhere at a time convenient to you.

    Advantages of Flexispy

    • Flexispy plans are available for a variety of smartphones including iPhones and Androids.
    • When you opt for Flexispy plans, you are asked to sign up for a private user account. This is where you receive all the data that is being monitored, captured and sent by Flexispy. The web account is totally secure and the mobile data is accessible only to you. 
    • With Flexispy, you get unlimited device changes. So, if the suspect changes his device, you can install Flexispy on the new instrument at no extra cost.
    • You can issue many remote SMS commands to the mobile using Flexispy application.
    • You can set options in Flexispy so that all the captured data comes into your private email box.
    • You can search the captured mobile data using keywords. For instance, you can search for “drugs” in the emails, chats, SMSs and so on.
    • When you need more advanced monitoring options, you can upgrade your plans easily by paying just the extra cost.
    • You can download all the captured data as reports and you can save them up for record keeping.
    • The Flexispy Omni plan has a 10 day money back guarantee. 

    Is It Possible To Spy On Iphone/Ipad

    With the help of iPhone monitoring software, you can spy on the iPhone/iPad of your spouse, kids or employees. By installing such software on the target iPhone, the iPhone will function as a spy phone and help you to spy on the desired person by recording all his iPhone activities like calls, mails, messages, contacts, pictures and videos. The iPhone monitoring software employs advanced spying techniques to track a person.

    Installation of software

    To install, you can download the software from the vendor website and upload it with the help of the iPhone internet browser. By following the steps outlined in the user instruction manual, the installation can be completed in 15 minutes. As soon as the installation is completed, the software will commence to spy on the person. The only requirement is the physical access of the iPhone/iPad on which you want to install the monitoring software.

    After the installation is completed, the monitoring software records all the activities at source and transfers all the collected data in real time to a user account. This user account is provided by the app software vendor at the time of purchase of the iPhone monitoring software.

    The iPhone monitoring software is designed with many features that help you to spy on an iPhone/iPad

    • Call logs: A record of all incoming and outgoing calls along with their time and duration is recorded. This will enable you to spy on the calls of a cheating spouse and gain evidence of the extra marital affairs. You can review your kid’s call logs to find out their constant iPhone usage. By tracking the calls, you can effectively monitor if your employees are making personal calls or contacting your business rivals.
    • Location tracking: Are you in doubt if your teen is away at a disco, instead of being at a friend’s house as mentioned? Do you suspect that your spouse has made a lame excuse of working on a weekend? The solution to your doubts can be obtained tracking their location through the GPS. By tracking the target iPhone with the help of the GPS, you can easily track their location and find if they are cheating behind your back. The GPS tracking also can keep you posted if your field staff is at the designated location.
    • Track internet activities:  You can monitor the internet activities of your teens by reviewing the browser log. The complete internet history is recorded, even if it is deleted by your teen. You can know if he has viewed any pornographic content or downloaded pirated software. You can know if your employees were accessing chat rooms and personal mail accounts during work hours.
    • Monitor text messages: Most of the communication by teens is through texting, during the course of which they involve in sexting. To keep a tab on their texts, the spyware alerts the parent when such keywords appear in the body of the text. By examining the text logs, you can read the full contents of the SMS texts.

    By installing the iPhone monitoring software, you can spy on your spouse, kids and employees and monitor their activities.

    How Cell Phone Spy Software Works

    We are deriving many benefits from the advancements in communication technology. Particularly the growth in mobile communication sector is phenomenal. The giant strides in mobile communication have shrunk the world and the emergence of smartphones with multiple uses has enabled us to work on the move. As there are always two sides to a coin, similarly the benefits of technology are associated with certain inherent risks.

    To suggest an example, online banking has allowed the convenience to carry out banking transactions at any time, be it from home or from work. The bitter side of this facility is the increased phishing attacks. To prevent such technological crimes, you need to make use of cell phone spy software. Installing such software on your cell phones will protect your phone as well as safeguard the confidential information stored in the phone.

    Functioning of Cell Phone Spy Software

    The cell phone spy software functions as a tracking device or a bug. It works silently in the background and records all the details of the cell phone. By installing the spy ware on a cell phone, it would commence to function as a spy phone and enable you to review all the phone’s activities. There are dozens of such cell phone monitoring spy software available in the market. Popular among them include Mobile Spy, Mobistealth, Flexispy and Stealthgenie.

    Installation of the software

    To install spy software, you need to physically access the cell phone. Download your chosen spyware from its vendor website and physically install on the cell phone by following the steps outlined in the user guide. Once the installation is completed, the spy software will function stealthily and record all the activities of the cell phone and discretely transfer the same to the user account. This user account is provided at the time of purchase of the spy software. By logging into the account remotely, you can review all the recorded information.

    Location Tracking

    With the help of the cell phone spy software, you can track the location of your cell phone using the embedded GPS tracking. With the help of the GPS, you can track the location of your spouse, kid or employees and know about their whereabouts.

    Calls tracking

    If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, you can monitor his/her calls, mails and text messages using the cell phone spy software. The spy software maintains detailed logs enabling you to review all the phone’s activities. Call interception facility and spy call facility are also offered enabling you to listen in to the live conversations or place a call without detection. You can also keep a watch on your kids, teens and employees by tracking their cell phone activities. You can thus ensure the safety of your kids and identify the disloyal employees.

    Remote locking and wiping of data

    Installing the cell phone spy software helps in remotely locking your phone and prevents strangers from unlocking your phone. You can also wipe out your data remotely if the security of your phone is compromised.

    With the rising cell phone threats, it is better to install cell phone spy software and protect oneself and family from any dangers.

    My Mobile Watchdog Review

    Parents are worried about the mobile activities of their kids. Some emerging threats from the cyber world are targeted at kids. To thwart such attempts and protect your kids, you need some sort of monitoring software. My Mobile Watchdog is a top rated parental control software that enables you to monitor your kid’s activities. It is practically impossible and infeasible to watch your kid’s activities minute by minute. By installing the My Mobile Watchdog on your kid’s mobile they can be monitored 24x7. This parental control software is endorsed by the law enforcement agencies and is also used by the Homeland Security as well as the FBI.

    Installation Procedure

    Almost all monitoring features that are found in mobile monitoring software are available in My Mobile Watchdog. The standout feature in My Mobile Watchdog is that it is installed with the kid’s knowledge. They are assured that they are safe when out of their parent’s watchful eyes. The presence of the software offers peace to worried parents and acts as a moral policing on the kids, preventing them from indulging in any wrongdoing.

    The installation is an easy and simple procedure. You need to download the app from its website and launch it physically on your kid’s mobile. The user manual provided with the app software details the step by step process of installation. Once installed, the software will go about its way of recording all information. The versatility of this app software is its compatibility with most smartphones currently available in the market. You can install the My Mobile Watchdog and be rest assured that your kid is safe. The name is very apt to its functioning.

    Features of Mobile Watchdog

    • My Mobile Watchdog records all incoming and outgoing calls and maintains a call log detailing the numbers, time and duration. This will enable you to know if your kid is spending long hours chatting on the phone or is using his mobile phone during class hours. You can also specify certain numbers in the prohibited category and if your kid receives or calls such numbers, an alert immediately sounds to you.
    • Are you worried that your kid is using abusive text language or indulging in sexting. A record of all incoming and outgoing texts is maintained enabling you to know if your kid is involved in such activities. By reviewing such texts, you can explain to your kid that such wrongdoings need to be corrected.
    • Browsing the internet is where kids and teens are spending a lot of time these days. The unlimited access to internet at homes has extended an open invitation to kids to access all websites when parents are away. This is the time they visit prohibited websites or watch age inappropriate content. By reviewing the internet log, you can know their internet activities and block access to specific applications and websites to ensure that kids are not exposed to the wrong stuff.

    To sum up, My Mobile Watchdog maintains a log of all calls, texts, contacts and all images captured or received by the smartphone. Installing the same would protect your kids from the emerging mobile and internet threats.