How Mobile Spy Technology Helps to Improve Your Company

Running a business productively is quite a demanding task, which needs the dedicated support of sincere as well as loyal employees. In case your employees are deceitful and engage in illicit activities that are contrary to the interests of your business, it goes without saying that all your business operations will be fruitless. As a matter of fact, not all employees are sincerely devoted. Therefore, there may be a few employees who are disloyal to act in a manner that can hurt your company’s interests.

Well, the aforementioned facts make it essential for the employees to know how fruitful or loyal their employees are! However, it is a fact that this task can be really challenging as well as time consuming, if the employer uses the conventional methods to track employees’ productivity. But the good news is that, in today’s tech world, the employer can take the advantage of mobile technology that can aid in improving productivity. In fact, one of the smarter, quicker, and trendier ways to track productivity of an employee is to spy on his or her cell phone given by the company. No matter from where your employee is working, spying on her or his mobile phone activities now works wonders. This is now possible through mobile monitoring apps which harness the mobile spy technology.

Introduction to Apps Using the Mobile Spy Technology 

The mobile spy technology is the new buzz in the world of mobile security. The app that works on the basis of this technology monitors almost all the activities performed on the phone in invisible mode. Yes! This is the beauty of such apps. Once you install such an app on the target phone, it starts tracking as well as monitoring all activities without coming into the eyes of the user. This means that the phone user will not at all come to know about your secret spying activity. So, you can happily find out what your employee is doing during office hours! After all, most insincere employees will spend most of their time on the phone during office hours. And yes, they may text or e-mail some private information of the company in case they are disloyal or corrupt.

Features of the Apps Using the Mobile Spy Technology

Keeping in mind the last statement, the apps that use the mobile spy technology retrieve the exact text that was messaged or e-mailed, and that they log all the activities an employee was doing on the phone during those crucial office hours. In general, these apps can track, monitor, and log:

  • Calls including incoming as well as outgoing along with the time stamp and duration details.
  • Text messages including those that were wiped off intentionally to get rid of all the evidences that may be against the employee.
  • GPS location of the mobile phone at a given interval, which may indicate whether the employees are misusing the company provisions with regards to their official visits
  • Both  inbound and outbound emails, which may indicate any kind of data leakage.
  • Photos and videos, which may indicate suspicious relations with competitors. 
  • Websites visited, and bookmarks made

These logs are actually uploaded to your app’s online account so that you can keep a remote eye on the concerned employee. In this way, you can gather evidences and then warn the employee to work properly to increase the productivity.