How to know if someone is monitoring your phone?

If technology has made lives easier in some ways, it has also caused problems in other ways. One of the main problems is that there is either little or no privacy today. Tapping cell phones was one of the most difficult tasks, but now it is quite easy.

The cell phone tracking software is indeed a controversial technique. It may come in best use to track children, spouses, or employees to ensure that they don’t use their cell phone in an improper manner. However, some people make use of these monitoring tools illegally to spy on someone to obtain access to all the personal details such as call history, text messages, pictures, videos, emails, and so on. The most fearful part is that there is no sure way to find out if your activities are being monitored through your cell phones as most of them work in stealth mode.

Subtle signs that may mean that your cell phone is being monitored

  • Sharpen your ears to listen to background voices while you talk on the phone. If your phone rings, and there is no response from the other end, then it can be one of the signs that your cell phone is being tampered. 
  • Check if your phone flashes without any reason, or remain warm during calls. 
  • Your phone takes longer time than before to shut down, or the screen may stay lit even after you turn it off. 
  • Your cell phone may light up on its own when not in use
  • The battery of your cell phone gets drained quicker than before
  • You may get huge bills even if you remember that you have not used your phone extensively

Wipe Off your Phone Memory

You may check your cell phone to detect some icons of applications or downloads, but you will certainly not find any clue on your phone as the mobile tracking software works stealthily. If you have detected, or suspect that your phone has mobile tracking software installed, you need to take the next step immediately without delaying it any further. The most ideal way to get rid of the software is to completely wipe off the cell phone’s memory. Store the important data you need, and carry your cell phone to your service provider.

Seek Help from Your Service Provider

Your service provider will restore your phone settings to default and delete any kind of spy software installed in the process. It is necessary to note that monitoring a cell phone, which does not belong to you, is an illegal act. If cell phone monitoring software is being used to sneak into someone’s personal life or business, then these tips mentioned above must be borne in mind. Well, to detect if the software has been installed on your cell phone is certainly not easy. However, you must do all it takes to ensure that your personal and professional life is not at stake due to such applications installed in your phone.

Thus, as a precautionary measure, do not leave your phone in unknown places. Make it a point to carry your cell phone wherever you go as you never know how it can cause trouble in your life.