How to spy on Android phones?

Android phones are very popular and many people are using them globally. The prime benefit of using Android phones is its intricate features. The technology is so advanced that the smart phones can do almost everything that a computer or a laptop can do. The technology used in Android phones help people to avail additional facilities such as instant messaging, access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Well, if you are looking for the best way to spy on Android phones then mobile spying applications would solve your problem. There are several spying applications that can spy on Android phones remotely.

Choose the best mobile spying application

Through innovative methods, there have been developments in mobile technologies. As a result, there are best of spying applications for Android phones that help individuals to spy without leaving any hints behind. If you want to spy on Android phones discreetly, it is important to look for the best spying application to ensure that you don’t get caught while spying. Some of the best examples of effective mobile spying applications include Mobile Spy, Spy Bubble, Flexispy, and many more. These spying applications are quite in demand as they are highly effective as far as spying Android phones are concerned.

Install the mobile spying application on the Android phone

After deciding on the spying application, you need to install the software from the concerned website. You can access the recorded logs through an online account that you can access only through an authorized username and password that you create while purchasing the app. The installation will take be done just in a few minutes. . Once the spying application is installed, you can start spying on the target phone remotely.

Activities that can be monitored on Android phones post installing the spying software

  • Call Logs: Track incoming and outgoing calls with date and time stamps and duration of calls, along with the phone number. 
  • Text Messages Logs: Monitor text messages of the Android phone regardless of whether the text message is saved or deleted from the cell phone. The log includes phone number, full-length text, date and time stamps. 
  • Location history: Track the location through GPS. This particular feature tracks the location of the target cell phone at regular intervals through a link that directs you to a map.
  • Phonebook Logs: View all contacts that exist in the target cell phone including those that are newly updated. 
  • Email Logs: Retrieve inbound and outbound emails of the Android phone
  • Media Files: Retrieve media files such as photos and videos stored on the Android phone and those that are taken from its camera. 
  • Also, Track cell ID locations, personal tasks, memo input, calendar events, and so on.

Well, if you want to spy on android phone then choosing the best spying applications holds utmost importance. The main advantage of choosing the best spying application for Android phones is that the target cell phone user will not know that such an application has been installed on his or her cell phone. The best spying applications mentioned above are highly recommended for the best features. However, you can also do a bit of homework from your end by browsing the net to know how it works, and how effectively it spies on your Android phones.