Mobile Monitoring Application – An Invisible and Unique Spying Tool

Mobile monitoring applications are becoming increasingly popular these days. Whether to be used for monitoring the activities of spouse, kids, or employees, these applications have become a great success as they ensure protection against threats like child abuse, illicit affairs or cheating and illegal activities in office. Incredibly popular and easy to use, these highly sophisticated apps are the latest digital detectives that hold the power of tracking all the phone activities.

However, have your ever thought about the features that make these apps popular? How does it allow you to track the activities of another person remotely? Well, it’s all because of the unbeatable features of these applications. Mobile Spy is one of the leading mobile monitoring applications that are loaded with some extraordinary features to let you monitor an individual’s phone and activities from a remote location.

Some of the indistinguishable features of Mobile Monitoring Applications are:

Invisible Functioning

Mobile monitoring application works in an invisible mode. Once installed, it follows the stealth mode, which means that the user of that phone will not be able to detect that a secret spying program has been deployed on that phone. This is one of the most incredible features of Mobile Spy, which allows you to track a user.


Most of the latest mobile monitoring applications are compatible on the latest mobile platforms, which include iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and others. You need to subscribe just once, and you will be able to use the monitoring application on any platform.

Record emails, calls and text messages

The latest range of mobile monitoring applications allow you to track call history with date/time stamps, call duration, SMSs sent and received, retrieve deleted SMSs, record all emails (both sent and received) and retrieve deleted emails. You would be able to learn who is sending what type of messages on the phone you are tracking.

Display Pictures and Videos

Images and videos are often the culprits that promote illegal happenings like leaking business secrets and child abuse. Mobile tracking software can help in exposing all such multimedia content in order to control such events.

GPS tracking

Irrespective of the location of a phone, it can be tracked utilizing the mobile monitoring app with GPS location tracker. You can always know about the location of a phone using the GPS service. This is not only important for tracking theft, but often handy in monitoring children, spouse and employees.

Tracking Internet Access

Apart from email tracking, you can also track and identify URLs, social networking conversations, Instant Messages, bookmarks and many more. It is very important to keep a track of these things as people can play many nasty pranks on the internet, especially with kids and teenagers.

Trace phone book, notes, tasks, calendar and memos

Mobile monitoring apps can also peep into all the important details of your phone to trace usage, which include your contacts, reminders, events, to-do lists, notes, and so on. It is very important to monitor these things as users keep noting down the important events on their mobile phones, as and when it happens.