How Smartphones Can Be Monitored or Tracked Using A Software

Smartphones have made their way into every sphere of life. Whether one is talking about business transactions or personal life, the use of a smartphone is becoming increasingly universal. This device is used for making life immensely simpler. It can be used to store passwords, confidential information and many other details which you may need on a regular basis. Thus, the misuse of a smartphone would bring in lots of trouble indeed. However, with advancing hardware, there are concomitant advancements in software too and monitoring or tracking a smartphone is also easy. Monitoring and tracking software can be installed on the smartphone to help the user keep track of activities on the phone.

The working mechanism of the Cell phone spy

In most cases, such software is available for download through the internet. Once you have paid for the same you can download and install the software with the licence key or registration details provided by the company. Leading companies promise anonymity in the purchase process itself. Once the software has been installed, it will work discretely on the device. It will work constantly and keep uploading the information pertaining to the phone. This information can be accessed through an online account.

Monitoring the phone’s activity log

The software can help in monitoring phone calls, contact list, video calls, messages, internet surfing and the location of a phone. It becomes important, for instance, for an employer to monitor the use of an office-supplied smartphone when it is given to an employee. The software can let the employer know of any policy violations in terms of use of phone for personal calls or even visiting unauthorised websites which may cause a security leak to the company network. Similarly, messages are yet another way of monitoring the phone. Take for instance, the case of a concerned parent. His child may have a smartphone through which he might be facing cyber bullying. Monitoring the device will yield results for the same.

Video calls and MMS messages can unfortunately also send and receive explicit content. In the case of a vulnerable child, this may lead to extremely undesirable consequences of becoming the victims of child pornography. The software will, therefore alert the person who monitors the content of such calls and messages. The online account will generate easy to read logs which can then be used to change and curb any misuse of the smartphone.

Tracking the smartphone with software

When the monitoring software gets installed on the phone, it also functions as a GPS. Anti-theft monitoring software will help in identifying the location of the smartphone in the event of its loss. The concept of digital vulnerability was demonstrated by Dan Dearing in 2009 but with the right kind of software and the right degree of protection accorded to the phone, physical loss of the phone need not result in loss of precious information. The software is capable of uploading the GPS location of the device periodically. With the ability to receive an instant location, you will also come to know of the phone’s whereabouts instantly. These locations can also be received by sending a silent SMS to the phone.