How One Can Retrieve Any Information From Blackberry?

The popularity of the Blackberry can be attributed to its capability of organizing our daily lives. It functions as an effective planner and keeps us updated about our upcoming schedules. Being a smartphone with many advanced features, you can log into BBM, Blackberry Messenger and communicate with your contacts, keep a track of your mails, store your personal data, pictures and videos. With so much of our information stored on the Blackberry, we run the risk of losing such data in case, the phone is lost or stolen or has suffered water damage. By making use of certain applications, you will be able to recover any information from your Blackberry.

Recovery from a lost Blackberry

  • Blackberry Protect: This app software allows data backup and restores specific data from the Blackberry phone. By installing the Blackberry protect you can recover all your important data like contacts, text messages, memos and web bookmarks. The software is also designed to allow locking and data wipe out from the lost or stolen phone. You need to install the app and take an initial backup (very important). There is an auto backup feature that restores the important data. 

Recovery of Inadvertently deleted information

  • If you have deleted an important file by mistake from your Blackberry, you can make use of file recovery programs to restore the deleted content. You can download recovery freeware programs like File Recovery 4, Uneraser and Easeus. After installing such file recovery software, you can retrieve the deleted files. 

Recovery of lost contacts

  • The efficiency of the Blackberry for communication greatly suffers in the absence of the contacts. The contact list is hence important and you need to recover the same in the event of loss of contacts on your Blackberry. By installing the Desktop Manager Software, you can locate the contact backup file. By synchronizing the device with the software, the contact lists can be retrieved. 

Recovery of erroneously deleted photos and videos

  • With the help of Blackberry Bold photo recovery tools like Wondershare Photo Recovery, you can retrieve all your accidentally deleted photos and videos. Launch the recovery program and scan all the deleted files. The scan will detail the list of all deleted files on your Blackberry Bold. You can recover the same with a simple mouse click.

Data Retrieval through Mobile Monitoring Software

  • It is pretty easy to retrieve all your Blackberry data with the help of mobile monitoring software. Most of such app software like Mobile Spy and Mobistealth are compatible with Blackberry phones. To ensure data recovery, you need to first install such monitoring software on the phone device. If your Blackberry is stolen, you can remote wipe the data to prevent misuse of your private information. In such cases of data wipe out, the monitoring software takes a backup of the entire data and transfers the same to your user account, which is provided at the time of purchase of the monitoring software by the vendor.

The information contained in the Blackberry devices is critical and hence in the event of loss or deletion, you can make use of the above mentioned recovery routes and regain your data.