Is It Possible To Spy On Iphone/Ipad

With the help of iPhone monitoring software, you can spy on the iPhone/iPad of your spouse, kids or employees. By installing such software on the target iPhone, the iPhone will function as a spy phone and help you to spy on the desired person by recording all his iPhone activities like calls, mails, messages, contacts, pictures and videos. The iPhone monitoring software employs advanced spying techniques to track a person.

Installation of software

To install, you can download the software from the vendor website and upload it with the help of the iPhone internet browser. By following the steps outlined in the user instruction manual, the installation can be completed in 15 minutes. As soon as the installation is completed, the software will commence to spy on the person. The only requirement is the physical access of the iPhone/iPad on which you want to install the monitoring software.

After the installation is completed, the monitoring software records all the activities at source and transfers all the collected data in real time to a user account. This user account is provided by the app software vendor at the time of purchase of the iPhone monitoring software.

The iPhone monitoring software is designed with many features that help you to spy on an iPhone/iPad

  • Call logs: A record of all incoming and outgoing calls along with their time and duration is recorded. This will enable you to spy on the calls of a cheating spouse and gain evidence of the extra marital affairs. You can review your kid’s call logs to find out their constant iPhone usage. By tracking the calls, you can effectively monitor if your employees are making personal calls or contacting your business rivals.
  • Location tracking: Are you in doubt if your teen is away at a disco, instead of being at a friend’s house as mentioned? Do you suspect that your spouse has made a lame excuse of working on a weekend? The solution to your doubts can be obtained tracking their location through the GPS. By tracking the target iPhone with the help of the GPS, you can easily track their location and find if they are cheating behind your back. The GPS tracking also can keep you posted if your field staff is at the designated location.
  • Track internet activities:  You can monitor the internet activities of your teens by reviewing the browser log. The complete internet history is recorded, even if it is deleted by your teen. You can know if he has viewed any pornographic content or downloaded pirated software. You can know if your employees were accessing chat rooms and personal mail accounts during work hours.
  • Monitor text messages: Most of the communication by teens is through texting, during the course of which they involve in sexting. To keep a tab on their texts, the spyware alerts the parent when such keywords appear in the body of the text. By examining the text logs, you can read the full contents of the SMS texts.

By installing the iPhone monitoring software, you can spy on your spouse, kids and employees and monitor their activities.