SpyBubble Review

There are times when you have the necessity to monitor an individual’s activities. To take some random instances, you might suspect your life partner or your child or a team member of doing something untoward. Mobile spy applications like SpyBubble can come to your rescue in such situations.

SpyBubble is an app that allows you to observe any kind of smartphone or Blackberry, in real time by logging in from a computer. You install this spy app on the mobile which you have given to one of the members in your family or an employee in your firm. Now you can easily track what is going on with the device right through your computer. You will have a SpyBubble account from which you can carry out your monitoring.

Basic tracking options

  • Call tracking – you can see the entire call log like number called, time, duration, incoming/ outgoing and so on.
  • SMS tracking – you can read every text message exchanged including the deleted ones
  • Location tracking with GPS – you are able to see the precise position of the phone through Google maps and learn where the mobile user is at any point in time
  • Email tracking – you can examine all the emails sent or received using the mobile
  • URLs tracking – you find out the websites visited by using the phone
  • Phone book viewing – you get to see all the phone numbers and contact details in the mobile memory
  • Photos viewing – you can view all photos sent/ received

Advanced SpyBubble options

When you feel that intense monitoring is needed, you can go in for the advanced options from SpyBubble.

These include:

  • Call Listening – you can eavesdrop on phone conversations and learn what is going on instantly. In other words, you can find out the truth as it happens.

  • Environment Listening – you can overhear what is happening in the phone’s vicinity in real time. You can get to know about the whereabouts of the person you are monitoring and learn more about what he is up to.

SpyBubble – more details

  • SpyBubble stays as a background process and gathers the information from the mobile on which it has been installed. The app remains completely hidden in the target mobile.
  • To install SpyBubble you will need to get the target mobile on hand at least for a few minutes. The mobile should be internet enabled so that you can download SpyBubble on it. 
  • You have to register a user account on the app server. SpyBubble then passes the information it collects to your account where you can access it by signing in at any time via a web browser. The installation procedure for SpyBubble differs slightly from phone to phone. 
  • The SpyBubble software works on many popular phone models and the app is updated regularly to meet newer smartphone needs. Whenever there are new updates and you have a subscription, you are entitled to the updates for free.
  • SpyBubble is legal if you own the phone being monitored or if you have the authorization to install it. 
  • There is online tech support for SpyBubble users. Customers are given a 60 day money back guarantee with SpyBubble.