PhoneSheriff Review

Children sometimes tend to misuse their mobile phone privileges. To prevent undesirable usage, parents can seek aid from spy software like PhoneSheriff. PhoneSheriff lets you monitor your child’s mobile activity and prevent or filter specific actions. You can also create your own schedule for permitted phone usage. 

Once you install the password protected PhoneSheriff app on the target mobile, it quietly blocks all the activities you have specified. It also uploads the log of every single action your kid performs to the app server. You can view the mobile logs on your app server account through an online control panel.

PhoneSheriff can also be used to spy on anyone who is acting suspicious like a spouse or a dishonest employee.

Blocking, filtering and monitoring features of PhoneSheriff

Below is a consolidated list of things you can accomplish with PhoneSheriff installed on a target cell phone:

  • Block calls and SMSs, both incoming and outgoing to specific phone numbers
  • Block websites and applications
  • Block phone functions like camera
  • Disable any browser
  • Create time restrictions; disallow calls at specific times or prevent usage at certain times
  • Get to see every SMS and call information
  • Track GPS location of the mobile every thirty minutes or get the instant GPS location
  • Lock or unlock the device remotely
  • Get alerts through SMS in case of SIM card change
  • View SMS and call information in real time, if required
  • Receive SMS keyword alerts. When your kid gets an SMS with words like “drugs” you get immediate alerts
  • Find out every website visited by your child
  • View photos and videos shot with and stored on the phone
  • See all the contacts stored in the address book
  • Get hold of deleted data
  • Wipe out all data through an SMS in case the mobile is lost or stolen

How to get PhoneSheriff up and running

Installing PhoneSheriff takes very little time and using it is very simple.

  • You buy the PhoneSheriff version compatible with your child’s mobile phone. Install the software on the device and configure the app to fit your specific needs.
  • Your kid uses the phone as usual. PhoneSheriff begins to block and filter the actions you have mentioned. It also transmits details of all the mobile actions to your PhoneSheriff account.
  • You log into the online account, from anywhere via a web browser and view the recorded mobile activities as often as you wish.

What is included with PhoneSheriff purchase?

PhoneSheriff is a top quality spy software app with advanced features that let you monitor any mobile phone minutely. You are also assured of friendly service and support.

For the period of your subscription, you get:

  • Instant download options - you can download the spy app instantly after ordering and ask for new downloads anytime.
  • Step by Step Instructions – for every step from installation to usage
  • Customized username – you can create an account with your username and password
  • Phone support and online tech support  
  • Free updates – get free PhoneSheriff updates when they occur

And needless to say you gain peace of mind knowing that your child is under your supervision always.