Mobistealth Reviews - Worth The Price?

The technological advancements have come in with their share of woes. The advent of mobile telecommunication has shrunk the world and has made it possible for us to keep in touch with our loved ones at all times. The bane of such technology is that it is being misused to harm our personal and business interests. If you are looking for software that helps you to monitor the mobile activities of your kids or spouse or employees, you can do so with the help of mobile monitoring software.

Mobistealth has come out with both mobile phone monitoring and computer monitoring applications. Once installed on the target device, all the device activities are recorded at source equipping you with a means to have control over your family as well as employees.

How To Install Mobistealth?

Akin to installing any other software, Mobistealth can be downloaded from its home website.  After downloading the application from the website, it can be launched on the target mobile device, you wish to spy on.  The only pre- requisite is that you need to have physical access of the mobile phone on which you wish to install Mobistealth. The software would launch itself and restarting the phone would complete the installation process.  The application would occupy as little as 1 MB of your phone memory. The spying operations would commence immediately after installation without any delay.

Once installed, you can sit back and let the software do the job for you.

Mobistealth Features

The wide range of features present in the monitoring software Mobistealth enables you to track the details of every single mobile activity, thus helping you to closely monitor the activities of your kids and spouse and protect them from any imminent danger.
  • Records all the calls for later playback. All calls are recorded at source. Hence the intentional deletion will not hamper the recording.
  • Records the call details of every call made or received from the mobile phone including the time of the call, the number from which the calls were made or received and the duration of each call.
  • Logs the videos found on the cell phone and allow the user view each one of them. 
  • Sends all the incoming and outgoing SMSs to a user account including the detailed  text
  • Transmits URL history to user account. Even if the browsing history has been deleted, the user can access all the websites that have been visited. This is made possible by source recording.
  • Enables to block certain websites and applications. You can thus prevent your kids from accessing prohibited websites. You can also prevent the downloads of pirated software.
  • Sends the pictures being exchanged through the mobile phone. A record of the same will help you gather evidence if your teen had been a victim of sexual abuse.
  • Reports the mobile location. User can choose live location tracking or view the location history. The GPS tracking device helps to track the exact location of the target phone.
  • Sends all the phone contact information to a user account.
  • Records phone’s surrounding sounds. Users can later listen to any recorded conversations by logging into their respective accounts.
  • Allows live listening to the mobile surroundings. It lets the users to remotely activate the mobile’s microphone and eavesdrop on the conversations.
  • Sends an alert whenever a SIM change is effected in the target mobile
  • Allows remote locking of the mobile phone in the event of theft
  • Allows users to wipe out cell phone data. This feature is of great help to protect the confidentiality of your personal and business data, in case the phone is lost or stolen.
  • The Reverse phone look up is a unique feature of Mobistealth. This feature enables you to track any landline or mobile number from its name.
How To Access The Recorded Information

At the time of purchasing the monitoring software, the user is provided with a secure private account. By logging in to the user account from any remote location, all the recorded logs can be viewed. Since it is a password protected account, only the person who has subscribed to the services of the monitoring software can access the account.

Mobistealth Advantages

Mobistealth operates in stealth mode which is the biggest advantage for the users.The operation in the stealth mode enables you to secretly monitor the activities of the target phone. The ability of the software to remain hidden and offer a discreet means of transfer of data to the user account make your spying activity undetectable. Likewise, the software is easy to install and use by even a layman. The user friendly interface guides you through the procedure.

Constant monitoring is made possible with the software. The software enables 24*7 surveillance so as to record every single activity. You can view the entire mobile data using your personal Mobistealth account and gain total insight into the person’s actions and whereabouts. Another advantage is the pricing structure.  Prices of the various plans are affordable with the flexibility of choosing the plan depending on the monitoring needs of the user. The 10 day money back guarantee helps to unsubscribe if your needs are not met by the monitoring software.

Who can use Mobistealth?

Mobistealth acts as a surveillance tool and hence anybody who wants to know the "TRUTH" can make use of Mobistealth.

If you suspect your spouse of infidelity and want to gain concrete evidence of their extra marital affairs, you can make use of this monitoring software to spy on the cheating spouse’s mobile activities.

Many parents use Mobistealth to monitor their kids’ activities. The spy app helps them to track what their children do all day long. In case of teens, who resent any form of monitoring, Mobistealth remains hidden and enables the parents to keep a close watch on them. If at all there arises any situation that might endanger their kid’s safety, the timely warnings help them to protect their kids from any harm.

Employers find that monitored employees exhibit better productivity and performance. When an employee is aware that his phone is under scrutiny, he is naturally more careful about what he does during office hours.

To sum up, Mobistealth offers a comprehensive monitoring solution and conforms to the requirements of good spying software. Its effective tracking and security features combined with an excellent customer support have made it as top ranked monitoring software.