5 Best Android Anti Theft Tracking Applications

With the advancement in the technology, there has been an increase in the smartphones usage. Specifically, many people are choosing Android based phones because of their advanced and user-friendly features. You may use it for storing important business files or it simply holds your loved ones’ photos. What if you misplace it somewhere, do you need to suffer the loss?

There may be a case where you unknowingly drop your Android phone or forget it in a restaurant, or someone has stolen it. Luckily there are some anti theft Android apps which can help you restore your lost phone, here in this article you will learn about the best 5 anti-theft tracking applications that can help you track the stolen or misplaced Android phones.

1. Anti Theft Droid 

This is a free anti theft app for Android phones which helps you track your stolen or lost Android phone. Anti Theft Droid uses the built-in tracking feature of your smartphone to locate it through an internet connection and a browser. Once you install this application on to your phone, you can login into your authorized account at its official website to track the device.

  • Sends email alerts whenever the SIM is changed in the phone, and you will receive the actual phone number of the person who has found/stolen your phone. 
  • It allows online location tracking of Android phone through Cell Tower IDs and GPS
  • Spy Camera: With this feature, you can view the photos taken from your lost Android phone. 


2. Snuko – Anroid Anti Theft Security

Snuko is another best Android Anti Theft application that can help you track your phone and secure its data. It locates the stolen or misplaced Android device with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell Tower triangulation. Snuko activates the Lock Down mode in the device once the mobile is found stolen or lost.


  • Track the device location 
  • Encrypts and hides the data
  • Take data backup – Call logs, SMS logs, contacts list and so on.
  • Control the device remotely through SMS commands
  • SIM change notification – get to know whenever the SIM is changed 
  • Online Control Panel – where you can view all the logs and control your device remotely


3. Sprint - Total Equipment Protection App

This Android phone tracking app helps you to find the lost phone and to secure the stored data till the device is recovered. This app from Sprint is available for free for its Total Equipment Protection App users. You can retrieve all the data from your phone in case it is lost or simply not working!


  • Lock the device remotely 
  • Locate your phone on a Map at Sprint’s official website and trigger an alarm – this alarm will work even the phone is turned off, thus helping you to find it quickly. 
  • Wipe the data from the device in case you fail to recover the phone.
  • Manage, Backup and Restore the contacts from the device.

4. Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti Theft is a comprehensive anti theft app for Android phones. The best thing about this app is, it can be used on multiple devices, i.e., up to 5 devices with a single Cerberus account. You can control your lost Android phone with the help of this app either through its official website or through SMS commands.


  • Track the device location
  • Lock the device 
  • Record and listen to the surrounding sounds with the help of your phone’s microphone
  • Wipe the data from the device – both internal and external memory
  • Trigger an alarm that works even when the phone is set to silent mode
  • SIM change notification


5. Lost Droid 

Lost Droid is another excellent Android anti theft app which comes for as little as $0.99 as a promotional price. It helps you locate your Android phone and lock it remotely. You can retrieve all the data from the lost device.


  • Stealth mode available, hence you can hide it from the icons list
  • Password protection
  • Lock the device through SMS command 
  • SIM change notification
  • Automatic location updates


Thus, you no more need to worry about the lost Android phones as these Android anti theft apps not only help you locate and track your Android phone, but also helps you secure the confidential/important data from the phone and take the backup of the same!