SniperSpy Review

If you are on the lookout for means of tracking your teen’s internet activities, Sniper Spy is the right tool for you. It is a remote PC monitoring spyware that installs remotely on the target PC. From wherever you are you can install this monitoring software in the form of an email attachment. You can use the same to monitor the computer activities of your employees despite being far away from them. Sniper Spy can be described as high tech surveillance software that provides you with details of your teens’ or employees’ online activity in real time.

How you can install Sniper Spy?

The standout feature of Sniper Spy is that it can be installed remotely through an email. Post subscribing to Sniper Spy, you need to download the Module Creator to create the remote module. This remote module is to be sent as an unassuming email attachment. The spyware launches onto the remote PC, when the mail attachment is opened. It operates stealthily and neither your kid nor employee can detect its presence. Once installed, it records and uploads all the internet activity for review through an online control panel. The capability of Sniper Spy to slip past any firewall makes it an obvious choice for monitoring. The Sniper Spy is a great boon to parents and employers to enable monitoring in real time with remote access. Just as it can be remotely installed, it can also be uninstalled without leaving any trace to confirm spying.

Features of Sniper Spy

The features in Sniper Spy are designed to provide you with full information regarding the activities carried out on the remote PC. These features enable monitoring stealthily and in real time. Being far away, you can verify the internet activities of your kids at home and restrict their internet usage.

  • Record of websites visited
  • Viewing actual screenshots through the online control panel
  • Location tracking of your PC
  • Keystroke logger
  • Automatic user file uploads
  • File and folder transfers
  • Full record of chat conversations
  • Applications downloaded with duration of usage

LIVE monitoring features

The availability of the Live Control Panel permits you to remotely control the PC and also view the PC activities in live. You can remotely view in live the happening programs on the remote PC, view the keystrokes in real time, watch in live the PC screen and remotely launch any application on the PC. You can also shut off or reboot the PC remotely. Thus, Sniper Spy allows you to have real time surveillance on the PC. Sniper Spy is the only available remote monitoring software that offers HTTPS secured control panel

This product comes from Retina –X Studios, who have been credited with many such monitoring products. The customer reviews have rated it as top owing to its unique features of remote monitoring. The customer support is efficient and can be reached over phone, mail or live chats. With the increasing internet usage by teens, it is imperative on the part of parents to ensure that they are well informed about their online activities. This monitoring can be done by installing the Sniper Spy.