Apps That Boost Productivity In Small Businesses

Running small businesses is one of the most challenging endeavors these days. Tough competition, marketing standards, loyalty of employees and maintaining a fine balance – everything is questionable. Even though it is a small company, it would be very difficult to maintain a perfect balance of business operations and employees, as you cannot keep your eyes on everything. There are certain apps that can do these jobs for you efficiently- track your employees, promote the business and boost productivity.

When you are into a business, you expect least problems and wastage of valuable time. Fortunately, there are different types of mobile apps available these days for smartphones that can help in simplifying your day-to-day operations.

Following are some of the top apps that can help in boosting your business productivity

#1: LogMeIn

LogMeIn is one of the most efficient solutions to all your business needs. You can access your PC or Mac content from an iPad or iPhone. It is one of the greatest apps to monitor your business when you are traveling. You can pull up all the important files remotely. You can even run this on any PC application from a mobile device.

#2: Total Recall

As the name suggests, Total Recall allows you to manually or automatically record calls, meetings or lectures, or even leave an Audio Note. This app can work efficiently with Android devices. It also syncs with the latest Evernote. You can follow some important lectures or business events remotely using this app.

#3: Easy Sign

Signatures are important for any business. What would you do if you are needed to sign an important document, but you cannot make it to the office? Use EasySign. It is a simple application that eliminates the use of paper documents. Just using a stylus or your finger, you can sign PDF files, Word documents, JPEGs and other documents on your Android device, iPad or iPhone.

#4: LucyPhone

Waiting for customer service operators to attend your call can be tiresome. When customers call you for their requirement, it is absolutely disturbing to keep them on hold. It hampers businesses, and more so if it happens again and again. LucyPhone is one of the most convenient solutions to all these problems. You can search through list of customer service contact +numbers through LucyPhone’s guide, and they will help you in patching through. If you are kept on hold, you will be disconnected and called back when the customer service operators are free.

#5: Pocket

Businesses have a lot of private information to store. You can now securely store all your sensitive information related to the business on your Adroid mobile phone with Pocket app. This app allows you to store bank information, locker combination, passwords, prescriptions and other important details. The stored information can only be accessed through a master password, which is not available locally if your phone goes into wrong hands.

#6: Mobile Spy

A business, big or small, has a certain number of employees. You can now track any suspicious character using the Mobile Spy application. If you are suspecting a foul play, give a new phone to the suspected employee with Mobile Spy installed in it; you will get all the information about your employee’s phone activities through this app.