Flexispy Reviews

Mobile phones of today serve as a great source of communication by all means. Consequently mobiles are store houses of a great deal of information about the instrument owners. If you can get a sneak peek into someone’s mobile data, it is as good as gaining a good look at the events and activities in his or her life. To help you monitor cell phone data and activity, there are spy applications like the Flexispy.

Flexispy is an application which you can install on a mobile phone. It quietly records the cell phone’s events and transmits the information to a server account. You can view these reports 24/7 from a computer or from a mobile with internet access.

Flexispy has many attractive features and can be effectively used in any situation that calls for secret observation of mobile phones. The target being monitored is absolutely unaware of the Flexispy scrutiny as the spy app lays buried in the background, totally concealed.
Here is a review of Flexispy and a look at some of its useful features:

Flexispy features

The mobile monitoring application Flexispy lets users to:

  • Secretly overhear phone calls 
  • Bug the target mobile’s vicinity
  • Track the suspect’s physical location
  • View the SMSs exchanged through the mobile
  • Check the complete call logs 
  • Get contacts from address book, emails, SMSs, calls
  • Secretly read emails
  • Read chat messages like Black Berry Messenger messages
  • View WhatsApp messages
  • Track mobile phone location using cell ID when GPS is not enabled
  • Learn immediately about SIM card changes
  • Monitor children, employees, spouses and any suspects

  • Installing and using Flexispy

    You choose a Flexispy plan suitable to your needs and purchase the licence. Next you install Flexispy on the target mobile and activate the app licence. Subsequent to this, the spy begins to capture all the mobile related data. It sends the collected information periodically to your secure account on the app server. You can view the data from anywhere at a time convenient to you.

    Advantages of Flexispy

    • Flexispy plans are available for a variety of smartphones including iPhones and Androids.
    • When you opt for Flexispy plans, you are asked to sign up for a private user account. This is where you receive all the data that is being monitored, captured and sent by Flexispy. The web account is totally secure and the mobile data is accessible only to you. 
    • With Flexispy, you get unlimited device changes. So, if the suspect changes his device, you can install Flexispy on the new instrument at no extra cost.
    • You can issue many remote SMS commands to the mobile using Flexispy application.
    • You can set options in Flexispy so that all the captured data comes into your private email box.
    • You can search the captured mobile data using keywords. For instance, you can search for “drugs” in the emails, chats, SMSs and so on.
    • When you need more advanced monitoring options, you can upgrade your plans easily by paying just the extra cost.
    • You can download all the captured data as reports and you can save them up for record keeping.
    • The Flexispy Omni plan has a 10 day money back guarantee.